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The Simplest Handmade Mask

Material: cloth and scissors
Note: This mask is only suitable for preventing spray. It is recommended to add a filter layer to the mask to increase the ability of the mask to filter viruses.

Handmade Mask Template

STAY HOME so you don’t need any mask (unless you are taking care of others). But if you have to go outside, especially where you may meet with others, wear a mask to protect you and the people around you.

This is how I made masks by hand, feel free to download the mask template below. This will help you making a few masks for your own use when supplies are scarce.

Things to prepare before you start

  1. Materials: Nonwoven fabric, meltblown cloth (SMS, SMMS, and SMMMS fabric also work. For more information, you google it.),elastic bands, and flexible craft wire (metal strips).
  2. Tools: Scissors, stapler and staples, and binder clips if you have some.
  3. Print the above file: laser cutting with acrylic sheet, or normal printing on paper.
  4. Wash your hands, and clean all the tools.

How to make it

Here is a video of me making the masks. It’s in Chinese, you can turn on the English subtitles to help understand.

With laser cut acrylic board

You can also follow the steps here:

Template For Laser Cutting

Template For Normal Printing


  • Using a paper cutter or cutter knife will be easier than using the scissors (but you need to pay more attention when cutting it).
  • In addition to using a stapler, you can also use a sewing machine or a heat sealer.
  • Can’t find the metal strips? Cut out a can!

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