About Me

Hi, this is Ruhan Yang, a toy designer.

I know this sounds interesting, but I now want to seriously tell you why I chose to be a toy designer.

My parents provided me with many engineering toys during my childhood, and supported me to participate in different robotic competitions in my youth. These eventually led me to choose engineering as my college major and designing as my future direction.

I was very lucky to have access to various educations from an early age and choose the one direction that suits me best. But more children in the world do not have such opportunities. Those with a bachelor’s degree make up only about 6% of the world’s population. Although the proportion of people who graduate from high school is slightly higher, most people do not have the chance to get a higher education. According to UNESCO, more than half of children around this world today don’t even have access to basic education.

And I hope to give them some opportunities. Every child will have different difficulties, and the situation of each family is different. But playing with toys is a child’s nature, and they can always learn something from toys.

Toys are an important way to connect children with the outside world. I want to design more interesting toys which are also educational. Children are the future of our world, and this is my way to help our future.

Of course, I also have many other identities. I am a Co-Founder of EdBoard Technologies, a Mechanical Engineer, and also a current ATLAS graduate student, member of the ACME Lab. Check here for more news about me.


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