About Me

Hello, I’m Ruhan Yang, a toy designer.

I am excited to share with you why I have chosen to pursue a career in toy design. As a child, I was fortunate to have parents who provided me with a plethora of engineering toys. They also encouraged me to participate in various robotic competitions during my youth. These early experiences fueled my passion for engineering, leading me to pursue it as my college major and ultimately guiding me toward the path of toy design.

Recognizing the opportunities I had and the impact they had on shaping my future, I feel a strong desire to extend similar opportunities to children worldwide. It’s disheartening to acknowledge that a mere 6% of the global population holds a bachelor’s degree, while many more lack access to higher education altogether. Even basic education remains out of reach for over half of the world’s children, according to UNESCO.

My aim is to provide children with opportunities they might otherwise be deprived of. Each child faces unique challenges, and their families come from diverse backgrounds. However, playfulness is inherent in every child’s nature, and toys offer an incredible platform for learning and growth.

Toys serve as vital bridges between children and the world around them. It is my passion to design captivating toys that not only entertain but also educate. By creating engaging and educational toys, I believe I can contribute to shaping a brighter future for our world. After all, children are the key to our future, and this is my way of making the world a better place.


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Email: ruhan.yang@colorado.edu

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