Design Engineering Project

Arm Wrestling Training Machine

We designed a novel Arm-Wrestling Gym Machine for MCEN 5045: Design for Manufacturability. The goal of this project is to understand all the separate steps involved in the design process of creating a product from its initial conceptualization.

Arm-Wrestle Training Gym Machine (isometric view) next to a 5’8” tall human, for scale

Why We Chose To Do It?

The sport of arm wrestling is growing, more people are participating in this activity and need to be trained accordingly. However, there is currently no standardized product on the market for the arm wrestling training. Some people build their own training machines, with different straps, variations, loading methods, etc.

Project Objective

To design a product resembling a gym machine that would be compatible to arm-wrestling training, the sport of arm-wrestling itself, and exist in the commercial gym industry. And in doing so, justification of its concept would be upheld by the engineering concepts taught throughout the course. Our goals in the design are:
● Standardizing parts and equipment for assembly
● Minimized number of parts
● Design a training system for supination, pronation, radial and ulnar deviation, flexion, and extension

Initial Design and Analysis

Final Design and Analysis

Final Design Functions Hightlight

I also upload the CAD of final design to both GrabCAD and Thingiverse. For more detailed analysis, please check our final report, drawings, and presentation here: