Yoshizawa–Randlett System

This week, I learned about the Yoshizawa–Randlett System. This system was created by Yoshizawa, then translated and organized by Randlett. This system is now considered as an international standard. These symbols can be found on Wikipedia: Yoshizawa–Randlett system

Based on these symbols, I recorded my process of folding paper lantern:

Through this process, I found that the Yoshizawa system still has some defects. For example, some symbols are not easy to understand; for the process of inserting after folding, it cannot be expressed in detail. I bought the book The Origami Bible in the hope that I can learn more about how to show the the origami process.

Yoshizawa also created the Wet-folding. This method will wet the paper then easily fold it.This method is more commonly used for folding non-geometric patterns, such as animals.

Another commonly used system is using black lines to show cut, red lines as mountain fold, and blue lines as valley fold. These usually whos in the crease patterns, a.k.a. CP diagram. This method is very helpful in analyzing the geometric pattern of origami, but it does not communicate the steps of origami well.

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