Lego Musician

This project is built by Ruhan Yang and Divya Bandreddi.

With LEGO pieces, there are many things people can build. This time, they are playing music with LEGOs! They started with a LEGO piano, and end up with a LEGO touch board.

The LEGO piano is a set of keyboard unit. Each key can be separated, so when they combine together, it becomes a piano. And people can also take each unit and combine with other LEGOs, to build their own “piano.”

The highlights of this product are: 1, adding the spring to the LEGO block, completely replicating the feel of the piano; 2, using the capacitive touch on the surface, reducing the number of wires.

Demo Video of the LEGO Piano

Then they move on with the new idea, a LEGO touch board. With the same basic technology as the LEGO piano, this touch board provedes people a easier way to compose some music.

In addition to using Lego, we also use the Arduino Uno, the Piezo Speaker, wires, and copper tapes. The code we used in this project is shared here:, and the image here depicts the circuitry in this project.

And here are some demo videos of the LEGO touch board:

Jingle Bell Played on LEGO Touch Board (Full Video)
Demo Video of the LEGO Touch Board