Three-Cylinder Engine Automata

Creative Technologies Design Challenge 7: Cardboard Automata

This is the seventh design challange in the Creative Technologies class (fall 2019). Students should design and fabricate a laser cut cardboard automata.

I built this three-cylinder engine model. I first modeling all the part in SolidWorks, so I can get specific dimensions of every part. Then I laser cut each part and assembled them together.

I had a three-cylinder engine car, a 1993 Geo Metro, back to the last summer. I tried to fix it, but I failed. I eventually found that its cylinder head had cracks, and my technology was not enough to repair them. However, I am glad that in the process of repeatedly disassembling and assembling that engine, I learned a lot of relevant knowledge, and for the first time I saw the internal structure of the engine with my own eyes.

One-minute documentary video