3D Printed Busy Board

This project starts in my Creative Technologies class (fall 2019). In the class, we are required to build upon a design challenge as our final project, and I choose to do more on the 3D Printed Interlocking Shapes.

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I think there are certain defects in the busy board on the market. For example, all the units are bound on the wooden board, with chance to fall off but no chance to be changed later. These factors have largely limited this toy to its full potential.

In this project, I separated the different units of the busy board, and 3D printing each unit. The parts in each unit are integrated, so it won’t fall off any tiny part. Different units can be combined with other units to form a large busy board, so people can choose the units they want. As children grow up, they can easily replace the old units with new ones.

Busy board usually built on wooden boards, with different units for children to learn different life skills. We can think of this process as a kind of integrated learning, which is very helpful for children’s early development.

Conbined Units
Separated Units
Final Project Proposal Video

For each unit, there were at least three tims of redesign and reprinting. After two weeks of printing, testing, adjusting, and reprinting, I finally got the final products.

Here are the final products and a one minute documentation video:

Final Documentation Video

For more information, check this three minute “Show and Tell” video:

3 Minute “Show and Tell” Video